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  • Sanitary and safe cast iron cookware and manufacturing method thereof

    Cast iron pot is the most popular traditional cooking pot in China due to its high strength, iron replenishment, economy and practicality. However, the cast iron pots currently on the market are all cast iron or recycled steel. The main components of cast iron: carbon (C) = 2.0 to 4.5%, silicon (...
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  • Why use cast iron cookware?

    Cast iron cookware is made of pure pig iron and hand-casted by traditional craftsmanship. Its trace elements are pure and unique active iron atoms are easy to absorb. After being processed by modern technology, the products are beautiful and generous, not easy to stick and not easy to burn. Compa...
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  • Precautions for casting process

    Precautions for casting process

    Nowadays, precision casting is a more common production method in the machining process. If the operation is not standard, the casting will be interfered by other interferences and affect the quality. What should be paid attention to during operation? 1. Obstacles at entrances and exits and the ...
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