Precautions for casting process

Nowadays, precision casting is a more common production method in the machining process. If the operation is not standard, the casting will be interfered by other interferences and affect the quality. What should be paid attention to during operation?


1. Obstacles at entrances and exits and the factory area should be removed.

2. Check whether the ladle is dried, whether the bottom of the ladle, ears, and rods are safe and stable, and whether the rotating place is sensitive. It is not allowed to use equipment that has not been dried.

3. All tools that are in contact with molten iron must be heated in advance, otherwise they cannot be used.

4. The molten iron should not exceed 80% of the volume of the molten iron ladle, and it should be stable when moving to avoid scalding.

5. Before using the crane to operate, check whether the hook is safe in advance, and there must be a special person to supervise it during operation, and no people can appear after the route.

6. It must be accurate and stable during casting, and molten iron cannot be poured into the flask from the riser.

7. When the molten iron is poured into the sand mold, the industrial waste gas discharged from the vents, risers and gaps should be ignited in time to prevent poisonous gas and molten iron from splashing and hurting people.

8. Excess molten iron must be poured into the prepared sand pit or iron film, and cannot be poured in other places to avoid explosions. If it splashes on the road during transportation, clean it immediately after it dries.

9. Before use, all equipment should be inspected to prevent safety hazards, and cleaned immediately after use.

Post time: Oct-22-2020