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Welcome to JSY!

A manufacturer of pre-seasoned and enameled Cast iron cookware established in 2006.

Technical Team

We have a strong technical team in the industry, decades of professional experience, excellent design level, creating a high-quality high-efficiency intelligentequipment.

Excellent Quality

The company specializes in producing high-performance equipment, strong technical force, strong development capabilities, good technical services.


We persist in qualities of products and control strictly the producing processes, committed to the manufacture of all types.

Ningjin county Jinshengyuan Casting Co., Ltd.

Our factory is located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province of China and is BSCI Certified.

Having 2 advanced automatic DISA machines allows us to be fully
integrated and has greatly improved production capabilities by increasing manufacturing capacity to 125,000 pieces per month. We ship an average of 15 tons of iron product each week -- all melted, poured, molded, finished, and packaged right here in our factory.


Years Of Experiences
Professional Experts
Product Series

How is cast iron made?

It all starts with the melting… then the molding and casting…
The cookware product then enters a rotating drum, filled with iron media (which is continuously recycled). It is specifically engineered to break up the sand and scrub it from the casting surface.

Next up is polishing and spraying.

JSY Cookware is sprayed with soybean oil and baked at a high
temperature thus creating a ready-to-use, easy-release surface.
Our pre-seasoned cast iron comes in a variety of shapes and sizes,
allowing you to cook up anything that comes to mind. And the enameled cast iron is durable yet versatile.

LACAST is our own brand of Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware. It comes in color sleeve packaging and has a quick delivery time of 30 days with a minimum order quantity of just 800 pieces. 

You can find JSY Cookware around the globe at these major stores.