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DESCRIPTION cast iron skillet
SIZE 30X30X5cm
MATERIAL Cast iron
COATING Preseasoned
COKOR black
PACKAGE 1 piece in one inner box,4 inner boxes in one master carton
APPLIANCE Gas, Electric,Oven,Halogen,BBQ
CLEAN Dishwasher safe, but we strongly suggest washing by hand

General Cooking Instructions:

1.A Cast Iron Skillet can be used over stove, in oven and with outdoor fire or grill.
1.2.Do not leave the skillet unattended while cooking; only cook it over moderate heat to prevent burning.

Please read before use!

Cast Iron Skillet Important Warning and Safety Instructions
▶ Do not touch the skillet after cooking, the skillet will be very hot for a long time. A heavy duty mitten is suggested
▶ Do not touch any metal part of the Cast Iron Skillet while cooking.
▶ Clean and season after each use to prevent rust.
▶ Do not let children play with the skillets.
▶ Do not leave the Cast Iron Skillet unattended while cooking.
▶ Do not use Cast Iron Skillet for anything other than it’s intended use.
▶ Use low or moderate heat when cooking to prevent burn
▶ Never immerse the hot Cast Iron Skillet into cold water
▶ Never set the hot Cast Iron Skillet over wood, grass or anything that will burn or be damaged by heat.

Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning and Seasoning Instructions:
▶ This Cast Iron Skillet has been pre-seasoned at the factory with oil and is ready to use. However, if you prefer to season it by yourself, please follow the following instructions
▶ Please wash the inside of the Cast Iron Skillet with soapy and clean water, let dry.
▶ Use vegetable oil or cooking oil to season Cast Iron Skillet inside and out at least one time and heat it at moderate temperature for 15 minutes, Wipe out the inside with clean paper tower when it cools down.
▶ Recoat the inside with vegetable or cooking oil one or two more time if you prefer to do so.

Continuing Care

▶ Clean with soapy water after cooking is done and let dry. Cast Iron Skillet may become dark in color with repeated use which is normal.
▶ Coat Cast Iron Skillet with vegetable or cooking oil inside and out to prevent rust for storage.

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