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DESCRIPTION Mini cast iron casserole
SIZE 10X10X5cm
MATERIAL Cast iron
COATING Preseasoned
COKOR black
PACKAGE 1 piece in one inner box,8 inner boxes in one master carton
APPLIANCE Gas, Electric,Oven,Halogen
CLEAN Dishwasher safe, but we strongly suggest washing by hand

Re-Seasoning your new Cast Iron Cookware

A cast iron cookware tends to rust if not seasoned properly.
Therefore, seasoning your new cast iron cookware is an important process, which allows oil to be absorbed into the iron creating a non-stick and rust-proof finish. Well-seasoned cast iron cookware has a black color which is  normal and expected. Please note, this makes it stick-resistant NOT non-stick.

Your cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned and ready to use.
However, If food starts to stick on the interior surface or if rust is present, you will need to re-season your pan as follows: Note: It is best to repeat this seasoning process several times to ensure your pan is well-seasoned for the first few uses to retain continued seasoning of the pan.

Cleaning your Cast Iron Cookware

Rub any vegetable oil available in your kitchen onto both the interior and exterior surface of the pan using a kitchen towel. Wipe the excess oil using a fresh kitchen towel and place on the gas hob. Pre-heat the pan gradually starting on low heat, increasing the temperature slowly.

While on the gas hob, add some more oil to the pan surface and spread evenly. Heat the pan until it reaches its smoking point. Repeat the process at least 2-3 times for about 15-20 minutes.

Allow the cookware to cool down. Do not try to remove the pan while hot to avoid an injury to yourself/property. Always use potholders or pinch-grips while gripping the handle. Dry pan thoroughly and store in a dry place to prevent rusting.

Wash your pan lightly in warm water after each use. Do not use a scouring pad, stiff brush or detergent, as you want the pan to remain seasoned.

Dry well to prevent rust. Apply a light coating of vegetable oil inside the pan to maintain the seasoning. Place paper towels in between pans while stacking to absorb moisture. Never place the pan in the dishwasher.

Do not use oven cleaner to clean your cast iron cookware. To remove gunk (sticky food residue), dip the pan in hot water for a few minutes and wash pan lightly in warm water. Rinse and dry and apply another light coating  of vegetable oil and store.
Do not allow seasoned cast iron to soak in water for long periods of time as this will break down and/or remove the seasoning layer.

General Safety Use and Care information

▶ Safety: Keep small children away from the stove while you are cooking. Never allow a child to sit near or under the stove while cooking. Be careful around the stove as heat, steam and splatter can cause burns.

▶ Unatteded cooking: Warning: Never leave an empty pan on a hot burner. An unattended, empty pan on a hot burner can get extremely hot, which can cause personal injury and/or property damage.

▶ Match pan size to burner size: Use burners that are the same size as the pan you are using. Adjust gas flame so that it does not extend up the sides of the pan.

▶ Hot handles: Handles get very hot when in use on stove. Always be cautious when touching them and always have potholders available for use.

▶ Handle position when cooking: Position the pans so that handles are not over other hot burners. Do not allow handles to extend beyond the edge of the stove where pans can be knocked off the cooktops.

▶ Sliding Pans: Do not drag or scrape cast iron cookware across your stove. This can cause scratches or marks on your stovetop. We will not be responsible for stovetop damage.

▶ Microwaves: Never use cast iron cookware in the microwave.

▶ Oven Use: Caution: Always use potholders when removing cookware from the oven. This cast iron cookware is broiler safe.

▶ Thermal Shock: Do not submerge your hot cast iron cookware in cold water and do not place a cold pan on a hot burner. This may cause thermal shock, causing your pan to break or wrap.

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