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ITEM NO. 522
DESCRIPTION cast iron dutch oven
SIZE 19X19X9cm
MATERIAL Cast iron
COATING Preseasoned
PACKAGE 4 pieces in one master carton
APPLIANCE Gas, Electric,Oven,BBQ
CLEAN Dishwasher safe, but we strongly suggest washing by hand

On September 5, Hebei Province gray iron cooker industry alliance was established in Xinji city. Promoting the development of characteristic gray iron cookware is an effective means to enhance the added value of Hebei characteristic products and enhance the competitiveness of products.


Gray cast iron cooking utensils are made of gray cast iron with more than 2% carbon content. It has the advantages of uniform heating, safe use, supplementing iron and generating blood, which is beneficial to health. As a traditional industry, Hebei Province has a rich variety of gray cast iron cookware with complete products. The output and export volume account for about 90% of the same kind of products in China, occupying a leading position in China. However, the brand construction of gray cast iron cookware is relatively weak, and the online sales platform needs to be improved.


After the establishment of Hebei gray cast iron cooking utensils alliance, according to the current situation and industrial policies of gray cast iron cookware, we will carefully plan, check the admittance, improve the technological level, realize green and clean production, speed up the brand construction, improve the competitiveness of products, and promote the healthy, stable and rapid development of gray iron cookers in Hebei Province


Cast iron cooking utensils are made of cast iron after being processed. There are many shapes.

Cast iron cookware cast iron cookware cast iron

Process: first open the mold, then create casting, polishing, grinding, and then spray, and then molding

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